Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wishing you a safe haven

I have been trying to find the inspiration to write something over the past week.  Inspiration, not material.  There is definitely plenty of material out there.  

I think I have approached the finish line for this little exercise. 

The key to doing a blog is actually doing it on a consistent basis.  Some will tell you at least three times a week.  Like I mentioned, the material is out there, just not the inspiration.  

There has always been a motivation in the past.  As I have said, part of that was a self-catharsis of sorts.   Not really sure that has ever worked out.  Providing a different point of view on things. Trying to be fair, and admittedly that did not always occur on an equal basis, but I did strive to be equitable. Getting people to think, including myself mind you, about both sides of the coin.

The thing is, the realization is anyone who follows this blog regularly is probably in no need for any of that.  Also, the fact there is still some commitment to it, causes more angst than anything when I don't do it.

Sometimes you just need to let go.  

I will not say "never again".  Who knows what tomorrow brings?  But that tomorrow, if it ever does come, will not be soon, if ever.  

For those of you who have been hanging around, thanks for the company.  Thanks for your indulgence.  We all have not always agreed on certain things, but thanks for your insights and your own thoughts.

And always remember ... Be Safe!