Monday, July 6, 2015

Taking the Fifth, a day late.

I was asked the other day why I am not doing anything.  My response was to ask what am I suppose to be doing.

For some out there, my doing anything would be doing too much. Just my being seems to be a mild irritant to some. I can understand the sentiment. Some days I feel the same way.

Still, one must try to keep one's toes dipped in the water so to speak.  I remain a TMM. I am still a member of the presently nothing to do RFP review committee. Just the right weight of "official" duty for the type of heavy lifting I am in the mood for right now.

It has been suggested to me that perhaps I should add a little to that burden, especially as the same applies to some recent and thinly veiled criticisms. In truth, I did not need the suggestions to at least give thought to the matter.   

The point in responding to personal criticism is however seldom worth the effort. There is an extremely fine line when using a "poison" pen in defense as opposed to attack. As critical at times as some may critique this writer to be, I would like to think I have been able to keep from stepping over that line.  

Criticism is nothing more than an opinion. An opinion is certainly something everyone is entitled to, even this writer.  While some out there tend to play very loose with their facts, getting in a tit for tat campaign does nothing more than take up time and space in life.

Quite frankly, at this moment in time, that is about all the time and space to devote I am willing to give to such things. It is certainly more time and space than deserved.

Anyway ...

We collectively are in the first week of a new year as far as our government goes. As with the start of any new year, it begins with certain resolutions, certain hopes, that it shall be a better one than the last,

The building blocks are there for the same.  At least I think that a good foundation does exist. A foundation which encompasses the solid portions of what is, with the blocks for a new addition even if the floor plan isn't every one's ideal layout, but it will function.

Where some lament the rejection of the use of their particular blueprint for building a new government, others felt the architectural conceptual plans just weren't the correct fit.  One can envision a point were many aspects of the concept will eventually be used to build a final  structure. One can also envision the concept being tailored to reality rather than following a blue print for an ivory tower.

It is I think worth remembering exactly how the recent holiday celebrate came about. The concepts and principles that led to it.. The process that led to it.  The beliefs that formulated it. The government that evolved from it.

You have to wonder at times whether the 56 who signed the document leading to the recent celebration would still sign if they looked into a crystal ball and were able to see what transpires today.

I would say probably.  Such a vision may very well have been attributed to a broken device.  The signers of the Constitution however may be an entirely different story.

Is it lofty to try and tie what goes on now in our small patch of earth, with such historical and defining events of the past? Again, probably.

Just another example of another opinion.

As the saying goes, it is what it is.  Can it be better? Isn't that always the goal in life, to make it better?  Is it any worse than what was?

The answer to that would again be an opinion. 

Keep in mind we are on the local level here.  Also, keep in mind the events/the reasons/ leading up to the point in time where it is now what it is.

People tend to have very convenient memories about the past.  They are quick to remember what they perceive about others, and have little to no memory of the roles they played or their own missteps. Understandable really as if we all spent time highlighting our own shortcomings none of us would have time or space to do much else.

I will leave it at that.

Be safe.