Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another three for

I wasn't planning on doing on a trifecta for this week. As the best laid plans go however so did the less work concept.

I loath doing any piece relative to what gets posted for comments and what does not.  As noted after the summer sabbatical, I had intended and do intend to loosen up a bit.  I also do not intend to respond to comments that I am not going to publish,  The new rule was intended and will be if I like it and it is relevant it will get published, and if I don't it and isn't it will not.

I received one late last night that certainly may become very relevant. One could argue that it is presently relevant I suppose.  I would disagree.  So that's all that matters.  As also previously noted in an earlier piece, the four corners are going to expand.  Such expansion will be based on my blueprint though.

There will be plenty of time to expand the conflict concept once a candidate takes out papers.  The issue raised yesterday (and please read the (piece as to the minor league issue) is something that had been actually raised in the public forum discussing the exact point.  Thus, at that point, and because of the puffing that went on Monday, I thought it relevant.  

As to other things, real and perceived, until it becomes a matter relative to public business, I don't see the the interest in dealing with the stuff.  Truthfully, there are issues a smart and somewhat devious reader and commentator could address which would directly be relevant, but again I think appropriate timing would be if and when actual papers come out.  It will definitely be raised going forward if arrangements for a certain event are not altered. But I digress ...

Suffice it to say that in politics once you take out papers, everything is relevant.

Enough on that.  Way to much said.  I just wanted the proposed commentator to know it is more a matter of timing in my opinion and also would be more an effective point at a time in the future.

Moving on ...

The future ... three interviews to take place.  Hopefully we don't end up with the audience asking the questions.  There is a lot at stake here.  If the three who will make a decision based on the three to be interviewed cannot come up with the relevant questions to make their decision on, than all hope is lost.

Argue citizen participation all you want. The new TA works for the Board.

Anyway, running late on what I was hoping might be an early day.  Isn't looking that way.

Until next time.