Thursday, October 23, 2014

This week's trifecta

Okay, well bits and pieces of enlightenment of sorts from Tuesday night's meeting..

Land deal for Mill Road.  The light at the end of that tunnel is a bit brighter.  For me anyway.  Trust me.  At this point in my life, any bright light is sort of welcome. Clarity is something we should all welcome. 

If I were an investor, with an extra $1.465 million burning a hole in my pocket, I might well be looking at this land grab.  If I were the same investor with your extra $1.465 million burning a hole in my pocket, I would most definitely be looking at it.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have an extra $1.465 in my pocket.  Fortunately for you, I don't necessarily look at my role as "citizen" as an investor in the real estate market. That doesn't mean if a solid plan is presented, it might not be such a bad idea.  What it means is something has to be put forth that takes this from speculative to realistically doable.

Every bit and piece of information that comes out on this one seems to most definitely involve the concept of buying this land and flipping it at some point.  If not all of it, a fair chunk.  

Could I live with that?  Like I mentioned, I would be much more comfortable with the concept if there were a definitive plan in place now, not one to be developed over the next month, to then be used as the reason you made a decision to buy a month ago.

Procrastination will be the downfall of this proposal.  You will hear more of that as time goes on. It will become obvious. Well either procrastination or just a failure to communicate in a timely manner.

Remember one thing also, to really make flipping this land work economically, it has to be rezoned. Another 2/3s vote by the way. To make it also truly work in everyone's best interest, there are definite infrastructure issues relative to access from a state highway and along Bridge Street and a portion of Mill Road.

There are those who apparently are absolutely certain that rezoning this land is a certainty.  Any planning board input to date?  Any public input from the neighbors/abutters who have a right to object?

The amazing thing on this one still is the idea sprang from the original small portion which was to be used for a solar farm to be developed on private land.  

It seems the concept of a location for a police and fire station is the gift wrapping on the box, not the contents which fill the box.

Certainly if bought, a portion of the land might prove useful for that purpose, assuming a whole lot of other ducks line up in a nice and neat row. If this proposal continues to be attempted to be sold to the public as meeting with certainty a future need, I think some are making a serious miscalculation.

Sell it for what makes the real sense if you must.  But siting of a building that won't be built for five years, that might not get the votes in five years isn't necessarily the best push.  This is especially true when you drop the bombshell just a short time ago and expect to sway opinion in a short time.

The other highlight of the evening, one I didn't stick around for as far as the whole show, was the RFP for the former school sites. At this point, as has been said, just put it together make a pitch and let the votes fall where they may.

I am not even sure if they announced what the value given by the appraisals. Point being, no matter if they did or didn't, the value determined by the appraisals will now require even more tap dancing.

No more long dissertations on the RFP process.  All I will say is I am glad my signature won't have to go on the dotted line as procurement officer.

Whatever happens here, just let us get it done right.  Please.

Moving on ... especially since there is nothing left really to do relative to those buildings except to move on....

The Standard Times  has an article on the EPA meeting  relative to the CAD cells.  Most significant matter reported in the article is found early in the story:
EPA Project Manager David Lederer dismissed any talk of rethinking the plan, which is advocated by some. 
Right, wrong or indifferent any slim hope of changing that is going to involve one heck of a legal battle.  Not something on anyone's event horizon either.

That's it.  May not be much, but it is as much as there is for today.

Be safe.