Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Thread for the Needle

Last week seemed to pretty much sew up most of the seams on the game thingy. So, lets replenish the eye of the needle and start piecing together some new fabric.

Last night, they had the meeting about the trees. Tonight is the Bell Committee, and tomorrow the reuse rfp committee.

The tree thing, I really do understand the reasoning behind some of the arguments. In truth though, I don't know enough about trees, the condition of the roads, sidewalks, and whatnot to argue for, against, or modified.

One thing I will say, technically it would seem the statute to do away with the hearing, would provide an avenue for doing away with the hearing, but the common reasoning for doing away with the hearing is a bit disturbing. If you have read the statue, perhaps you get the drift.

But the undercurrent seems to be on a point I have raised many times before. Having a right to do something doesn't always make it the right thing to do.  No I am not judging the right to cut down the trees. I am questioning doing away with the hearing simply because you can.

We have seen the uproar for the third time now on recent projects.  Perhaps at some point down the road, the next time we might see some anticipation of the uproar.

Anyway, if trees don't ring your bell, well there is the bell (2nd version). Then the next RFP review, and I hazard a guess a thing or two that you might come up with.

Have at it. Stitch together an idea or two and let's see what the pattern looks like.