Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday is here again

If you need any proof about how an open town meeting is no guaranty of success, just flip through the latest edition of The Fairhaven Neighborhood News, The Town of Acushnet called a special town meeting, which was to be held on Monday, and could not muster a quorum of 75 residents.

There is no doubt attendance at town meetings is becoming an issue.  That is everywhere, except when there is a hot issue. Then the attendance isn't an issue until the hot issue is dealt with.

Truthfully, I seriously doubt any serious effort to tinker with our Town Meeting.

Enough said on that.  there should be no more that need be said.

Moving on ....

As far as I can ascertain, today is the last session of the state senate until sometime in December. Which means if the TA is not passed, it becomes unlikely that action will take place on December 9th here.

It would be a shame.  If for no other reason it will result in more work this budget season for yours truly.  Truth be told though, the FY 2016 should be like making a cake from the box, absent some grandiose idea, changing figures or new "unforeseen" matters.  Past history would lead one to believe that is a likelihood.

Time always tells.

Let's not forget that Tuesday is election day.  I know, you are all so excited.

As far as the governor's race, it is always interesting when the Republican has a shot here.  the fact it is expected to be a close race at least gives hope that the standard vote (D) is not an absolute.  The other contested races, well I am guessing the news media has the script and stories in the can so to speak, with the only blanks being the final tally.

The ballot questions, well those always can turn into a surprise. The biggest problem for those is the fact a fair number of people forget to vote on the questions, followed by a fair number who don't want to spend the time reading them, followed by a fair number who actually misread them and vote the wrong way.

Had an interesting discussion with someone who asked me how how was going to vote on the casino question.  I told him I am voting "NO", which caused him to rant and rave about jobs lost, local freedom, archaic morality laws, and on and on.  To which I replied with a question, have you read the question? to which he replied he had not.  to which I informed him that the question would actually repeal the present law allowing  casino gambling and a "YES" vote was in favor of repeal.

Folks, read the questions before hand.  Please.  Vote how you like, but vote the right way for that.

I am in fact voting No on Question 3.  Not a huge casino supporter. Don't buy into the hype about the value of such an industry to any area long term.

For what it is worth, I am voting Yes on Question 1, which repeals the automatic gas tax increase tied into inflation rate. Sorry, but on of the primary function of your legislators is to deal with such mundane matters as tax increases.  This lets them off the hook for having to explain why.  Sure the obvious why is more money for roads and bridges. I might buy into that if  there was a guaranty that year in and year out every single dollar raised in the gas tax went to those purposes. Using the concept of we need the money and cost increases each year, why not just tie all taxes into the same scheme?

Automatic increases mean more spending without the hard decisions having to be made.  Sorry, I don't believe in that.

The "water bottle deposit". Question 2. Crazy really.  The whole concept of bottled water is crazy to the tune of big, big, big money.  If this one passes, you open up a whole new industry for pickers.  I see pluses and minuses on both ends.  Still not 100% sure.

Question 4 is the sick time law.  Another issue I get both sides of. Personally I wish the the part time worker issue was not as inclusive.

Anyway, voters will vote, the law of the land will either change or remain the same.  Try and be informed and then vote your belief.

Enough for today.

Be safe.