Monday, June 15, 2015

Water, Water everywhere ...

Too many people out there do not have a clue what TPP is.  An extreme pity in many ways. In many ways it is also an example of just why even though a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, complete ignorance is not a guaranty of bliss.

This piece takes a different path today. One most of you don't like to see written on the pages of this blog. We travel a road not only outside our fair have, but outside the region, the state, and the country. A quick jaunt around the world so to speak.  In the end we should keep in mind the very old saying about where all roads lead, because for every single person the roads being traveled by those who say they know best on the TPP journey will ultimately lead home.

There are two articles appearing on Sunday edition of the Real Clear Politics site. Both deal with TPP. One from the right wing opinion, by David Frum in the Atlantic; and, the other by Robert Reich providing a view from one of the left leaning perspective. Besides having TPP in common, both pieces come to the same conclusion of why TPP is in the shape it is in right now.

TPP is heady stuff. the type of stuff many of us, myself included tend to gloss over, as much from the daze it causes from getting into the details as from the convoluted details and intertwined deals and issues it involves.

What makes it interesting from the political perspective is the fact that it has the support of the sitting President and many in the the party he has labeled obstructionist, but has to this point be thwarted by many of the President's "loyal" supporters because there is just enough involved in TPP to make many extremely uncomfortable.  Now the extreme ends in both parties are against TPP for entirely different reasons. 

But when strange bedfellows are willing to climb into bed together, at least enough of them, and when the consensus from the pundits as to the why and why not are the same, Proponents of anything should be scratching their heads about what needs to be done, and not over how to serve up something that isn't going to be digested.

It you need a clue of what TPP is, think NAFTA on essentially nearly a global scale. Perhaps a bit simplistic, but I think applicable.  The success of NAFTA is an opinion that many debate, often argued as many things are on the view on holds about such things. 

But the whole point here is, when you get the same explanation from the left and the right, a rarity when that happens, it should be cause to ponder.

I readily admit that I don't know enough about TPP to offer any real clear or solid opinions.  Looking at the objections and the proposed benefits, and the most recent versions of the free trade concept in place around the world, it is a something that really scares the hell out of me.

NAFTA twenty years in cannot be touted as a stellar success. the concept behind the EU, with its monetary origin starting in 1999 and full force in 2002 is not exactly a political and economic engine running on all cylinders.

The common theme is, in all these things, short term setbacks for some for long term gains for all. 

Are these multi-nation plans panning out?  An answer that has to come from people with more insight than this blogger I suppose.  I suppose the real question is would we be in worse shape today, but for these deals.  The we being people in any community or country. If life is smooth sailing for you, I suppose the answer is obvious. If you are treading water, you probably don't know, and if you are going under, well another obvious answer, right?

Anyway ... just a thought.