Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No trick or treat today.

In a rarity for a scheduled regular meeting, the agenda for tonight's selectmen's meeting has no appointments scheduled. There are six (6) items under the discussion section, several which could provide some insight on the ongoing issues in town.

Most notably is the vague "Special Town Meeting discussion" listed. Hot topics for that night in December should be the Mill Road land, the Rogers/Oxford disposition, and potentially the TA ratification.

There will certainly be more add on articles however with the deadline for article submission not until 4:00 P.M. +/- on Friday, we will have to wait and see what perhaps is slipped under the radar. 

In the end, we all can take great comfort from the realization it will be what it will be.  Yes, there certainly is a tad bit of sarcasm in that statement.

Some many ideas about what it should be. So many plans to make it what it will be. 

I sit here at this specific moment in time and just want to find a wagon to jump on.  To take a seat, sit back and let the darn thing travel wherever.  

Sorry for that bit of self-indulgence.

The darkness of the mornings I guess.  It last too long.  Something not right about not seeing the sun or at least a brightening sky so late in the morning.  But the like is showing now, so morose is now no more that ponderous thought.

Anyway ...

I still cannot escape the fact that Einstein's theory on insanity remains so prevalent. We seem to continue to travel down the same road with the idea that somehow we are going to end up somewhere different. 

The buy-in to the tried and true methods somehow escapes us.  You may say there is nothing wrong with tried and true, yet it is the tried and true for the most part that has resulted in the never ending complaints you continue to here about the SOP.

To me, a new production of the "King Lear" might be entertaining, but despite a new spin on scenery, or new actors or directors, it is still "King Lear".

Again, sorry for more self-indulgence.

Anyway ...

Whether we end up with an entirely new play or just a new production of the long running one once the votes are taken on several matters after the STM will remain to be scene.  If nothing else, it will be an interesting process.  Life will definitely go on, the town will survive and .... yes... it will be what it will be.

Enough, except to say if you can't figure out what this post is all about, you are forgetting today is Tuesday, and what that day is usually for this blog.

Be safe.