Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ain't the first time. Won't be the last.

I was going to pass on blogging to day. Yet, there is something compelling that needs to be pointed out.

If you read The Standard Times, hopefully you haven't missed missed the piece on the state's budget cuts.  For some reason the link I tried to paste isn't working.  In any event, the better piece will be found on the site.

Now there were some hints of this prior to the election we just had.  So it would not be entirely fair to say that the bad news was completely withheld for political reasons.  Of course everyone needed to get all the end of month/October info, digest it, do the calculations etc. Probably needed the October results to confirm the September results.

This mini crisis will be laid on the footstep of the new Governor, who will of course end up with the blame for the eventual local cuts, because he will most probably have to be the one to actually make them once the legislature actually grants the authority.

We could be surprised.  Local aid might get sparred.  Not sure I would put just that on my Christmas list though. Remember those recent elections?  Don;t happen for another two years.  

Since all indications are that the shortfall isn't from tax revenue, kind of hard to explain this one away. Let's face it, historically budgets have not been the strong point of the present administration. 

The ramifications for this however involve more than just the present fiscal year.  If your entire budget is short in excess of $300 million for this year, means unless you make it all up somehow with the 7 mos. left, well you kind of start $300 million in the hole for next year to.   

If you don't think this is too importantly locally, think again.

Dimes for dollars, these cuts and the prospect of flat or less state aid for next year will be used as another reason to buy a certain piece of land so we can generate more tax revenue for the town. Generating more tax revenue for the town is not a bad idea.  Basing your decision, even in part based on these cuts is.

I recently asked a question of someone about why we should have a leap of faith in our local government.  The fact that the answer I received came from a third party, who was a third party participant in the conversation did little to provide me with any reason to take that leap.  

More and more we are forced to make decisions not based on facts, but "potential" arguments.  We too often are asked to ignore what we may as individuals know from experience and blindly accept a new concept based on faith.

Call me old fashion, but whatever risks I am willing to take as an individual should not be taken on my risk comfort level. 

The simple fact of the matter is that, all too often, pie in the sky is not obtainable.  Reality seems to dictate, and history seems to establish, whatever the potential benefit you are told, when making your decision cut the beneficial results in half.

After you do that, throw what is left in a big glass. Look at it.  If you think it is still half full, well go for it.  If it looks half empty, leave it alone.

Just a thought.

Anyway ... 

Short and less than sweet for today.

Be safe.