Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Maybe it is just the sun in your eyes?

Yesterday is the type of day that causes a bit of reflection. More than just a bit, I think. More than a bit, at least I hope so.

Some may read this blog and need to think about the significance of yesterday, even as soon as today. More the pity.

Anyway ... perhaps if we all spent a bit more time on the significance of the day, we might go forward with a bit more forethought in all aspects of our lives.

While much of what needs to be thought of pales in comparison, some thought must nonetheless be given to that thought process.

I wish I could be taping away at the keys and provide to you information about something new and exciting, or at least worthy of your rapt attention.  I am not sure why that isn't possible. It could be the motivation isn't there (a part of it in truth), or it just doesn't exist (possible given the time of the year in town events), or it is a combination of both.

We often lament what we perceive as the shortcomings in our society. There are more than just a few of those things aren't there.  I am no different in that aspect.

Yet much of what falls short is often a result of our own shortcomings for allowing things to happen. Inattention, inaction, indecision, or simply .... well you get the gist.

A particular issue will get us riled up. It will prod some to action.It will lead to decisive steps, plans of attack and dedication to accomplish a goal. Yet, once accomplished, once done, once the personal purpose is over, the need for societal involvement ceases.

At times, we forget we are not the center of the universe. Our goals are not those of all others.  Our just cause is not theirs.

Their are numerous adages about compromise. It is a difficult "art form" to master. Wait until all are satisfied and you will find yourself waiting until the end of time. Ignore the need to bend, and you will often find yourself ignored. Bend too much, and you will find yourself broken like the trunk of a tree.

So how in the world does everything in this piece tie in?

If I could tell you that I wouldn't have any problems myself. Perhaps it is nothing more than a bit too much reflection on too many things.

Be safe.