Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Can you see it?

One or two blurbs today.

History. We love our history in this Town.  Believe it or not, the "We" includes me.

There is a difference however between historical fact, historical fiction and within that genre historical fantasy. But I digress, I think?

History can be very illuminating.  Indeed there are those who believe it should even be more illuminating. So what if we have to shine a bit more light on the subject. If tastefully done, what is the harm.  What is a few dollars more to create a brighter vision of what should have been, what could be.

Well for this one I have to ask, as usual, why?  Because a light bulb goes on in someone's head? 

If you haven't guessed, this is about Town Hall and the proposal to place standing street light poles, eliminate the existing hanging street lights and utility poles and wiring in front of the building for a more aesthetic view for those wishing to view the building.

What are a few more aesthetically pleasing touches to our Town Hall? 

Anyway ...

History certainly dominates the landscape, especially at tonight's selectmen's meeting. Street lights for town hall; petitions, discussion expert reports on former schools built by the town's benefactor; a another correspondence about a portrait and a deed.

A bit of a head scratcher that one is.  

To me, if you really want to tie the past to the present and future, it would make sense to keep reminders in place of what was and what is. The same reminders that exited at a former site. Moved to a new site, to preserve the legacy so to speak.  A reminder to future generations that certain foundations were established by a benefactor, which have been perpetuated into the future.  

But admittedly, it would be fair to ask who am I to opine that such things might serve a better purpose where they are to be seen by generations of the Town's children, as opposed to being added to the Town Hall collection, or elsewhere? 

Let's leave all those heady issues about the past and future to those presently elected to decide on the same.

Enough thoughts emanating  from this dull bulb for today.

Be safe.