Thursday, April 28, 2016

What about?????

Well, reading a tidbit in the local daily, it seems we probably shaved about an hour off the upcoming Town Meeting with the decision by the Planning Board to pass over the zoning article involving the used car/boat zoning article.

Is there an issue in need of being addressed? Sure. I for one however am happy to see the decision to be made to review the address to be given to the problem sought to be corrected. No doubt that in the end there will still be some unhappy campers out there. When we vote on the end product sometime in the future, at least the notice and input arguments will not be there to taint the proposed solution.

One of the bigger, but even more under the radar matters that will be addressed by a board will be the filling of the vacancy on the BPW created by the election of our newest Selectman. This is going to be an interim appointment. The person selected will serve until the next election.

If you are interested, you have until 4:00 P.M. to apply. More info can be found on the town website.  

Now there are two ways to look at how this seat should be filled.  First way would be to consider this a simple "caretaker" seat. Find some individual willing to fill the seat until the next election with no aspirations to run.  It has been a method that was preferred in the past. Personally, I do not think that is the way, but I also can understand the rational. Why give someone a leg up in the election.

It would be definitely a leg up by the way. While the elected BPW as presently empowered, and as seemingly to be empowered for the foreseeable future, is an extremely important board, not all vacancies filled in this manner have, shall we say, be filled with qualified candidates.

Very admittedly, the only qualifications in an election are town resident, 18 years of age or over, and getting more votes than the other candidate(s), filling vacancies should take a bit more into consideration.

There should be some consideration to experience in at least one of the areas of BPW services. Yes, we want concerned citizens. Certainly there is the ability to effectively provide constituent services. Those qualities alone may be stellar qualifications for a citizen advocacy board, but need to be measured up against the practical side. Some background in the three prime areas the BPW deals with, or some other skill set that would be applicable to the operational aspects.

First and foremost, one should be known to be a strong supporter of the board as it exists.  Seriously, say this writer threw in an application.  I admittedly have thrown out a hint or two that as far as I am concerned, the BPW special act most certainly could be jettisoned.  My opposition to the latest attempt for that was the ridiculous alternative being proposed.

For my part, I would take no umbrage if the Board of Selectmen would pass on my application though, because my past opinions about this Board should be strongly considered.  I say this despite the fact that I honestly feel that I could diligently and faithfully discharge the duties of a BPW Commissioner, and advocate for the Board in an effective manner.

But, I completely get and would understand being bypassed. I mean why would you want to appoint someone to the Board who has expressed opinions in the past that you don;t need the board.

I certainly can say that I am a realist. Based on the last vote, the BPW is here to stay. I could add that given the acceptance of that reality, I believe I could make it a better and more effective board. Those would be honest statements by the way.  But I think people should be entitled to a more dedicated prior supporter of the board.

Just my opinion by the way. But seriously, on an interim appointment, the public shouldn't have to be wondering about real dedication (another argument against care taker seats). I mean, imagine if someone from that government study committee was appointed to the board.  I mean how would you explain that. All the arguments made against the BPW as is, but I want to join the team now.

What the heck, stranger things have happened in this town. That's way politics drives people nuts folks.

Nope for me, and of course I don't get a vote and neither do you, not til next April anyway, I think the appointment should go to a BPW supporter, most preferably someone with BPW background rather than some caretaker or nonbeliever. 

Now the pundit in me is chomping at the bit for and entirely different result.  I can imagine the fun we could have tapping away at the keys.  But until the hypothetical becomes reality, we will leave it at that.

Just a quick thought or two today folks.

Until next time.