Monday, February 8, 2016

Stormy Monday.

Okay, I for one have had my fill of winter.  Yeah, I know this year is a breeze compared to last year. Had my fill of last year early on in the season too.

Each winter finds this blogger just a bit less of being stoic about the weather. It also seems the same applies to what goes on in the world which the winter enjoys turning topsy turvy.

Politics nationally, well it is no longer a simple and perpetual SNAFU. In the be careful what you wish for world, it is a distinct possibility that the extremes of at least one party, and not totally out of the realm for both parties, will grab the reigns for candidacy to the highest office.

Why be careful of what you wish for?  The getting it in either or both cases is going to bring that political revolutions some yearn for.  It ain't just some on the left yearning for it either.

But since my faithful readers do not seem to inclined to follow the rants of a local blogger on politics on such an compassing scope, I guess I must say I digress a bit ...

The recent storms bring to mind a few pet peeves about the winter in general, besides the fact it is winter that is ...

Parking.  If you live in Fairhaven for more than a year or two, you should be well acquainted with the winter rules for parking. As far as the complaints about who seems to get away with violating the rules, if it bothers you that much pick up the phone and complain. 

As far as the rants from some who get plowed in when they park legally, seriously ... where do you expect the snow to go.  As far as the rants of those who get plowed in when they park illegally, count your blessings the town doesn't invoke the tow option with the frequency of other communities.

Save your complaints about the road conditions. I get it. Not always as wonderful as we might like, and I get it that everyone is also an expert at plowing a hundred miles of roads, and how more clear to the pavement the roads are somewhere else. It ain't so bad in our fair haven that the world will seemingly end. 

Since I suppose I can gripe about the weather, some may want to gripe about the roads.  Knock yourself out, except put that gripe on your Facebook page or something.

Moving on ...

I am still trying to figure out what that critical juncture in history we are at is.  That was the period of time leading up to the votes to change things. That was last April when the voters let it be known what they considered was critical and what was not. That was the recent decision made to hire.  

Now the only "juncture" we face is what are we going to do about the two separate but equal boards.

Not to worry, I am hearing a few things about a few things that are going to be proposed to deal with the failed proposals which were proposed. 

Not enough content known to offer even an intelligent guess, but hearing enough to know there could be some interesting articles to deal with the rubble left from the two prong attempt last made. 

I was subjected to a few moments of chastisement the other day about my stance on remote participation. Knock your socks off folks, seriously.  

There is absolutely nothing personal about how my position on this issue was formed or is directed. Despite what some may think, when you ask for a personal exemption based on personal circumstances, well ....

I don't believe in remote participation. Period.  End of it.  Did not support it when it was raised in the past, by individuals I knew on a personal and could have made the same personal arguments in support of adoption as were more recently made. But ...

Decisions which involve the town as a whole should not be made to accommodate specific individuals.

And I am going to add, officials who support the adoption of a town wide policy to benefit an individual do not show to me a town wide best interest.  I said it before. I say it again. Any legitimate arguments in favor of this request should have been based on a belief that the policy was in the best interest of the town, Any standard less than that was reason enough to deny the request.

Call me a meany. Call me a misogynist (which I was, with an adjective or two before the word). 

But please also call me consistent. 

I expressed my position on this issue when the same accommodation was sought for members of another entity a few years ago. I didn't believe heading south was any reason then, and despite my distaste for the winter, I don't believe it should be a reason now, or quite frankly ever.

As happens with many pieces, this one is several days in the making.  

Apparently, we also have another storm in the making, with my weather app having just beeped, once again, to let me know. I suppose on the positive side, even if we get the foot, based on this time last year, we are what, still an inch or two on the the good side of it?

Speaking of last year, it was about this time it became obvious that no one wanted the job available in April's election. This year, for a period of time it seemed everyone wanted it, and a big bunch still do. Go figure.  

I mean despite all the complaints, and yes there was complaining. There is complaining about all three, no one had the gumption, burning desire to serve, to make things right at what was still a time we were at a critical juncture.

If you are running to lend a helping hand, well from what I see so far, that ain't reason enough.  The TA seems to have at least a handle on what is going on.  He certainly seems to have a better grasp of reality than those who want to steer and direct. 

I am hearing more positive chatter and from a few new birds chirping out there. 

People seem impressed with the way the budget submits that have been submitted are being reviewed. Now in fairness as to past practices,  The main difference between now and then is the TA has the responsibility to submit a proposed budget. 

He also has the responsibility to make sure his budget is adequate and workable, not simply to stay within a spending figure. He will be responsible for justification and shortfalls for cuts he makes. He will have oversight and authority through the year.

Most interesting thing to see play out is going to be how some people handle the exercise of the oversight.  

More immediately, and even more interestingly from a voter's perspective, will be policy proposals and perspectives. Because, in this squirrel's nutshell, if the Board functions as it should going forward, it functions the vast majority of time to form policy and enact the rules and regulations to implement the policies. 

Just another rambling thought.

Anyway ... the every fluctuating weather warnings now saw 6 to 10. I suppose that is better than being knee deep in some of the other stuff that we have to wade through. When you are my height though, not really much of a difference.

Be safe folks!  Until next time.