Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Should vs. will +/-

When an individual tells you what they "should do" or "may do" something, there is obviously some wiggle room there about whether they will do it.  The same concept applies when used in a negative connotation.

When an individual tells you what they "will do", the statement is cause for you to assume that they will in fact do it.  Again, the same context applies when used in a negative connotation.

Obviously how much faith or how strongly you believe in such a statement from some individual is dependent upon your experiences with the individual.

What should be just as obvious is the same is often an example of how some people making assumptions on what they want to hear hearing rather than listening to what is being said.

"Should do" is many times expressed as a form of reluctant acceptance.  Example:  What I should do is simply walk away from the matter for all the good that I am doing.

It implies if you had an ounce of brains you would stop beating your head against the wall. Since you don't have that ounce, you intend to still put up will the self-induced headache.

Put in the negative, I shouldn't keep beating my head against the wall = but I will keep at it.

Why this little exercise today?

One reason is because of one of my favorite sayings as applied to the definition of insanity.  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

At times, believe it or not, an individual might actually recognize how that definition applies. When they do, the should becomes will and the shouldn't becomes will not. If you are listening, you should realize that.

The second reason for this exercise is a discussion yesterday with several people stating they couldn't see something happening. We have all at some point read about our senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch smell etc. being related in how we perceive what we see, and hear and .... well you get that picture right.

If you can't see something happening, perhaps you aren't truly listening to the sounds being made.

There is a whole lot of insanity going on in this world, using the oft cited definition as a standard.  Sometimes you simply need to break from the circle that forms the cycle. At some point "should" needs to become "will".  "Shouldn't" turns to "won't". Worn spokes in a wheel need to be replaced.

Cryptic enough for you today? Shouldn't be.  Not if you have actually been listening.

Be safe.