Thursday, August 11, 2016

What does Fairhaven Need?

By the way, if you intend to attempt to answer that question, kindly keep the snark to yourself.

And, please save the generalizations. Please, please, please save them.

Yes, number one on most peoples hit parade will be recommending lower taxes. It is like spitting into the wind, unless along with that recommendation you suggest what to cut. You are not allowed a blanket statement. Back it up with some facts. I personally don't care how tired you are of paying taxes.

Guess what so am I.

But, and a big but, if you feel over burdened, give it a shot, but put you damn name to it, and come up with an explanation of something a bit more than I pay too much.

But DO NOT even think of mentioning or alluding to that damn game.

In a great many ways, I am tired of too many things.

I am really getting tired of having to read and ignore too many anonymous comments.

The people who put their names to a statement have, as far as my memory can go back, have always gotten their comment published.

If this is starting to sound like a rant, consider yourself smarter than the average bear.

You would be very surprised what people try to say under the name"anonymous". I would publish all the ones that get sent to the spam folder, but this isn't some tabloid, with profits that can go to a libel suit.

The other problem with that is if I publish it, the mud you sling sticks to me.

Anyone remember one of the last winter meetings a certain BPW member was able to attend?

Although I will have to admit the mud at that time did in fact involve a commentator who had the guts to put a name to a piece.

But why let facts get in the way of a good story. Heck the whiners didn't.

Absolutely, the decision to do this blog was made by me. No one else. There have been a few of you, willing to put their convictions out there. At times. we have gone tooth and nail. Openly, in full view. No backstabbing. No hiding in the shadows. No complaining about how unfair it is.

You know what, I consider that a damn good thing. I consider it the best example of a damn good form of discussion that people can in fact disagree; and, guess what, it becomes an actual discussion when you can't hide behind anonymous or an invented screen name.

I have always put my neck on the chopping block. I actually at times have to question my own sanity as to why. It has cost me money. It has cost me friends. It most definitely has made me enemies.

Someone asked me the earlier today whether it has been worth it, probably the reason for the rant. The only truthful answer I could give was I just don't know.

Whether you believe me or not,whether it has been worth it or not it is irrelevant. That by the way has to do more with the fact it really doesn't matter. You can't turn back time, so worrying about yesterday is in fact irrelevant.

I don't want your platitudes by the way. If there is even any temptation by a few of you to do that, forget about it. Won't be published, because, and this is a big because ....

What Fairhaven actually needs is more people to stand up and be counted. Not simply when you pet issue comes up, not simply when the cause of the day arises, but to rail and rant against bad government and to be damn consistent when you do.

And folks, there in lies the rub, because in today's world we rant against the decisions that affect us personally, with little or no regard to the greater good.

Forgive me for one weakness. I am damn tired.

I am damn tired about having to point out that someone being a good citizen, former "employee", or just general pain does not entitle them to special privileges, funding, or forgiveness that you will not give to each and every other citizen in town.

I am damn tired of arguing how being a not for profit entitles you to nothing more than we are willing to give to every other not for profit.

And I am damn tired of hearing how fair, open and honest your are going to be when decisions are made where you should damn well be disclosing, if for no other reason than being fair, open and honest, about your affiliation with people or groups.

I have been alluding to this blog disappearing for some time time. It will happen sooner or later. I can't tell you when, but I can guarantee you the last comment isn't coming from anonymous.

Will it ever disappear completely?

Who knows?

We are going to see less and less of the cheap shot anonymous crap though.

Now how is that for a rant?

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  1. Just in case you haven't quite got it, I am pretty much done with anonymous. If you still need to know why, well I have received three comments to the above blog that either none of them bothered to read or somehow didn't care even if they read it. Headlines,sound bites and memes.


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