Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Thread for the Needle

Last week seemed to pretty much sew up most of the seams on the game thingy. So, lets replenish the eye of the needle and start piecing together some new fabric.

Last night, they had the meeting about the trees. Tonight is the Bell Committee, and tomorrow the reuse rfp committee.

The tree thing, I really do understand the reasoning behind some of the arguments. In truth though, I don't know enough about trees, the condition of the roads, sidewalks, and whatnot to argue for, against, or modified.

One thing I will say, technically it would seem the statute to do away with the hearing, would provide an avenue for doing away with the hearing, but the common reasoning for doing away with the hearing is a bit disturbing. If you have read the statue, perhaps you get the drift.

But the undercurrent seems to be on a point I have raised many times before. Having a right to do something doesn't always make it the right thing to do.  No I am not judging the right to cut down the trees. I am questioning doing away with the hearing simply because you can.

We have seen the uproar for the third time now on recent projects.  Perhaps at some point down the road, the next time we might see some anticipation of the uproar.

Anyway, if trees don't ring your bell, well there is the bell (2nd version). Then the next RFP review, and I hazard a guess a thing or two that you might come up with.

Have at it. Stitch together an idea or two and let's see what the pattern looks like.


  1. For whom the bell tolls! i guess it could be everyone in the area.Maybe set them up on the lawn of the historic center an use them to start school.Put them at the Fort and have a ring fest along with the cannon firing.Or just put them on the town hall lawn since HHR donated them and they should be returned to the owner,no strings attached..or maybe just a pull cord to keep the bell tolls alive..Unless of course this requires an RFP the ball(bell) ringing or rolling ,you get the pick..The trees,DPW,the lawyer,our new TA,a lot of smoke and mirrors being used here..Time for the tree warden to end this stalemate ,that is what he is being paid for????

  2. Another "Anonymous" gets an "A" for effort and topic, but unfortunately not so good for style.

    The last two sentences went like this:

    I surely do hope you post my comment John. Yes I'm outside your blog guidelines, but I think many people might agree with me.

    Wadda ya say John, loosen up the guidelines for the summer, get some real discussions going?


    Well, the comment would have generated some discussion. However great the blog may have been in the commentators eyes, it was what it was under a set of guidelines. Now I had previously indicated I was going to ease up the rules a bit. I think I have let a disguised naughty word or two through recently.

    Heck, some of you who know me personally know I have on a rare occasion let loose a profanity laced verbal rant.

    But if in fact there is a proper time and place for such things, it isn't on the pages of this blog. The why is simple. As has been said many times: my blog, my rules, my decision.

    It ain't that hard to write a scathing comment to get "some real discussion going" without needing to resort to the use of the same naughty word in various form six times.

    The internet is full of places for you to go and rant and rave any which way you want. This isn't one of them.

    But I did like the piece so here it is, edited a bit. So from "Anonymous":

    The whole Green Street reconstruction, tree removal fiasco is just another example of the town 'leaders' and what they think they can get away with in this town with the lowly 'town folk'

    Haven't we been through this enough with enough high profile projects. I don't want to get into it at this time, we all know the projects, the players, how the town is going to make so much money, Grants, blah blah blah.

    You know what John, and pardon my (insert a non offensive language saying here, hey I don't want to rock the boat) But you know what John, I'm breaking the rules, just like everyone else. I'm going to break the rules of your 'Blog posting guidelines'

    Everyone is sick of the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in this town. Did that pass the muster John? I hope that won't upset the kiddies, or those in charge that may not be able to figure out my cryptic message. Because at this point I don't think some of the people making the decisions could even decipher that statement I just made.

    The Green Street tree removal is just another embarrassment to all the folks making the decisions. Should a lot of those trees be removed? I drove by there today, yes, a lot should be removed, there is no doubt about that. Do the town folks of Fairhaven deserve a hearing about it and have a certified arborist give reasons as to why those tress should come down? Yes. End of rant.

    New rant. Looked over P&S for Oxford. Town has the right to restore copula before sale. What are you XXXXXXXXX kidding me? Town destroys copula, now in P&S we have the right to fix it before the sale? Reeks of, hey town fix the XXXXXX copula you XXXXXX up before we buy this XXX building.

    Correct me if I am wrong on any of these accounts John. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm not a XXXX idiot. Wish the folks in charge treated all the town folks like we were not all idiots.

    I just hope the 'Bell Committee' doesn't completely XXXXX the removal of the Rogers bell. I don't want the P&S of the never sale of that building to include some foggy clause that we have to rebuild the bell tower and replace the bell before they knock the whole building down.

    I surely do hope you post my comment John. Yes I'm outside your blog guidelines, but I think many people might agree with me.

    Wadda ya say John, loosen up the guidelines for the summer, get some real discussions going? LET'S MAKE THIS BLOG GREAT AGAIN!!!

    So there it is, edited. This was probably a two time effort for such a piece by the way, the first and last time.

    1. Well our little Fair-Haven has made nation news. The Fort and Pokemon has made us famous.

      It's been picked up by hundreds of websites. I wonder how many people will make the pilgrimage down there now to catch Pikachu.

      Better start working on getting Fairhaven a Swat team and a Bearcat to control the masses of Pokemon go players.

      Just think of the damage everyone peeing in the bushes is causing. Also the crowbar wall destroying nerds need to be stopped!!


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