Monday, August 8, 2016

Patching things up a bit

Okay, at some point I have to start really blogging again or just shut this thing down. I don;t know if it is just life in general or the whole insanity that seems to be infecting the world, but I just don't seem to be getting to excited about most of the seemingly significant problems that perplex others presently on the local level.

One thing that isn't going to get me going is the bathroom humor in any comment, either attempted here or any other place. But hey keep on giving it a try, who the heck knows? Maybe if you actually put your name to it, I might publish it. 

I understand that some think I am a bit too prudish relative to the name calling, the blanket descriptive assumptions, and a few other things. What can I say, I come from the school of thought that it should take some thought to not only express an opinion in an intelligent manner.

It is pretty easy to tick someone off and call them stupid, ignorant, lazy, or just plain wrong. I prefer it be done in a manner a bit more subtle than a school yard tiff.

Anyway, I could could write all day about the issue and nothing is going to change much.

Tonight our fearless leaders will address the pokemon thingy, and someone will be seeing evil monster zombies invading our fair haven. Got at it while you can. 

It might be motivation enough to get me to start going back to topical blogs just to avoid the topic.

But please, Please, PLEASE, feel free to try and discuss something else, and hopefully in a manner that could get you at least a passing grade in the fifth grade.


  1. Will I need a big gulp from Cumbys before or after the selectman discuss the pokeman thingy..hopefully many people read these blogs at least ,and lost for words when its time to contribute.Even a small line is better than no thought at all,communication is what keeps us running..

    1. Well to keep the facts straight, if you are going to Cumbys you need a Chug Jug. Truth be told being at a loss for words sometimes is not a bad thing. It would be nice if there were more communication. We seem to be evolving into a world were that means simply an exchange of opinions full of pontification and bereft of information.

  2. 'No decision on what to do was reached by The Standard-Times' deadline.'

    I won't say what that decision was about, because you're tired of hearing about it.

    Maybe a decision was made after the ST deadline. I doubt it.

    Sometimes decisions and actions and solutions need to be made quickly and not drawn out for months and years on end.

    If your house was burning down, how would you like it if the firemen/firewomen needed to hold multiple meetings over many months to decide the best course of action to put the fire out.

    1. Well you certainly have me waiting with bated breath to find out what is going on.

      I do love the dramatic effect using the firefighters. I wouldn't be so much worried about them making a decision as I would be hoping they aren't all out on ambulance runs.

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